Chic and classic. Bold and elegant. For the everyday, for the special day.

Jessie & Jane is the unique balance of contrasting styles, ready to suit your busy modern lifestyle.

Born out of Shanghai in 2008, Jessie and Jane is a true child of this international city. The collaboration of global designers Jessie Jiang, Jessica Garvey Birch, Daniele Locati and Dinara Farizova have crossed over styles from the far east of Shanghai to the far west of London.

Inspired by their diversity, Jessie & Jane offers luxury handbags and accessories that capture the essence of modernity.

Jessie and Jane have over 100 retail shops across Shanghai, Taipei to Singapore & Seattle and retailing and distributing to more than forty cities in China and across Asia.

With our launch to the Australia and New Zealand market, new styles are arriving on our website each week. You will be sure to find a piece that will fit, flatter and elevate your style.

Where chic meets classic, east meets west, future meets past: welcome to Jessie & Jane.